Artist 1999-2019

Today is the official 20 year anniversary of my one-man-business. In March 1999 I registered at the chamber of commerce and got my VAT number to start writing invoices.

Today is also the day that I officially quit being a full time artist. The decision was made a year ago, during recovery of a bicycle accident. There’s a plethora of reasons but in general it came down to an imbalance between input and output, revenue and recognition. As a result I became unhappy. It was time to start sometching anew. In the meanwhile I’m aiming at a job and education in the Brainport high tech industries, to become a skilled craftsman.

The decision to leave the arts wasn’t an easy one. I want to thank all of my friends who supported me through hard times and I want to thank my fans, bookers, colleagues and everyone else who have always believed in me and my works, and made possible to show it to the many audiences I had. It’s been a hell of ride but all good things come to an end.


Goodbye and thanks for the fish!

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