Close to Nature

‘Close to Nature’ is the title of a group exhibition which took place in March-May 2016 at the artspace of De NWE Vorst theatre in Tilburg. My contribution existed of three pieces.

video, 3 minutes
photo 90x60cm
photo 90x120cm
two containers, 90×60 and 90x120cm, height 5cm.
soil, moss and branches

All material for the video was shot in the swamps of Eindhoven. There are two stopmotion sequences and one dreamy panoramic shot. It was the first draft of what became the live VJ performance at Roadburn Festival accompanying Jakob (NZ), and few months later the content of the installation “You Fen-Sucked Fogs”.

The photo showing a swamp was taken in Eindhoven, the other photo of the forest I took in Oss. Both photos are expanded on the floor by a shallow container of the same size, filled with living nature.

The other participating artists were Annette Born, Sanne Luijben, Anne Stevens, Elke van den Berg en Hella van t Hof. The curator was Jacki Dodemontová.

(a teaser of the video will follow)


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