video, 13 minutes

A scale model of a huge mountain that slowly erodes by waves of fog.

(a brief trailer of the video coming soon)

Premiered at Dutch Design Week at Berckenhof in Eindhoven, 2015
2016, Feb-Apr: Grote of St.-Bavokerk Haarlem, June: Kruisruimte, Eindhoven

For Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven, the artists Yvette van Kessel and Jeannette Claessen invited artists to join their project ‘(on)breekbaar’ (unbreakable) about strength and weakness. Every work had to fit inside a cabinet, and I had chosen an oakwood nightstand, painted black inside with a screen opposite the door, in which a peeping hole was drilled.

All cabinets were attached to panels and presented as one installation. It was part of a larger exhibition, among tens of other variations of the cabinets. Unfortunately the installation was destroyed after the third exhibition.

For both projects in Eindhoven I was commissioned to make a documentary.


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