Salute To Him Who Feasted

Salute to Him Who Feasted

Underdog Gallery London, aug/sep 2016
Underdog Gallery London, aug/sep 2016

installation, 2016

bones, skull, video projection, size (WxHxD) 1x1x1m, plus projector.

The Underdog Gallery, London. August 24 – Sept 4, 2016

When I was invited to join “Come to the Sabbat – Festival of Dark Arts” in The Underdog Gallery London, it didn’t take long to decide what to show. A videocomposition showing rotting flesh and bones. It was made originally for The Devil’s Blood, as backdrop at their Rock Hard Festival headlining show, in 2009.

There’s a long story to that video. Sélim Lemouchi had collected bones from a butcher, some still with flesh attached, and laid them on the floor of his shed. A dead pigeon which he discovered on the street completed the picture. After a few hot Spring days, once the flesh had started to decompose, we covered our faces with menthol drenched cloths and went inside. The stench was putrid, so every ten minutes we had to get out for fresh air. Inside I shot dozens of pictures and videos. The base material of the videocomposition was done.

Working with this footage I was able to find a visual and sensory manifestation of my concept: an ever changing flow of repeating imagery, layered endlessly. A culmination of a style and method I’ve been developing for some years. Minimalistic as as piece by Morton Feldman, organic as the sea. Wave after wave, all alike yet never the same.


(story not finished, photos and videos to be added)


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